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Harassing Phone Calls
If this is an Emergency Dial 911

With this system you will be able to file an Online Police Report immediately.  You can also print a copy of the report for free.  If you are the victim of Harassing Calls and don't know the person harassing you, then you can use this system to report the problem.

Before filing a report please contact your Phone Service Provider, as listed on your phone bill. You might be able to use your Service Provider and account features to record an incoming Harassing Phone Call.  Follow your Phone Service Provider's instructions and keep a log of the calls with the Date, Time and Calling Phone Number (If Caller ID is active).

*Please Note: Your service provider may charge for the use of this service.
Call Trace Feature, *57, After three successful traces the information is available to Law Enforcement.

Common Phone Service Providers in our Area
Fairpoint 1-800-984-2001 | Fairpoint Support Contact Us
Comcast 1-800-934-6489 | Comcast Contact Us

While completing the Online Report only information marked with the red asterisk * is mandatory.  By entering your Email Address into the report you'll be able to check the status of your case later.  Reporting Email Addresses are not used for any other purpose.

After completing the report, contact your Phone Service Provider.  Provide them with the report number you receive at the end of the Online Reporting Process.

Please Note:

  • Filing a false Police report is a crime.
  • All cases are reviewed by a Hampton Police Department Case Manager.
  • After review, you may be contacted for more information.

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If this is an Emergency Dial 911

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