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Hit and Run
If this is an Emergency Dial 911

This Online Electronic Reporting Form is for use in situations where there isn't any suspect information.

Examples of when NOT to use the Online Reporting System:

  1. You sustained any type of injury.  Please Dial 911
  2. You can identify or know the suspect.  Call 603-929-4444
  3. You have the license plate number of the suspect car.  Call 603-929-4444
  4. This just happened within the last 10 minutes.  Call 603-929-4444

Examples of WHEN TO USE the Online Reporting System:

  1. Your car was parked, someone struck it and didn't leave a note.
  2. You can't provide any suspect driver or car information.
  3. You don't know when the damage took place (hours or days) and there isn't any suspect info.
  4. Please Note:

    • Filing a false Police report is a crime.
    • All cases are reviewed by a Hampton Police Department Case Manager.
    • After review, you may be contacted for more information.

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If this is an Emergency Dial 911

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