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See where Hampton Police Services are being used around the community.  Every hour the Calls for Service (CFS) created in our Dispatch Center are uploaded to the mapping database.  The data displayed on the maps reflects the initial call that our Officers were sent to.  The CFS are categorized by our Communications Specialists based upon information provided to them by the caller.

There are many facets to the mapping application that let you search for information about your neighborhood and the community.  Not only can you see where crime is happening, the application allows you to see an analysis of the information using charts and graphs to display the data.  There's approximately a years worth of data available for mapping.  Clicking the link "Hampton Crime Mapping" will open a new tab or window depending upon your browser settings:

Hampton Crime Mapping

Sample of Crime Mapping captured 5 January 2020 Sample Crime Mapping Display Sample of Crime Mapping captured 5 January 2020

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