The 2023 Sales Ratio is 63.2%

2023 Town of Hampton Tax Rates

  Town Tax 1000 Precinct Tax 2000 Partial Precinct Tax 3000 Utility Tax 4000 Utility Precinct Tax 5000
Town $5.98 $5.98 $5.98 $5.98 $5.98
County $0.89 $0.89 $0.89 $0.89 $0.89
School (Local) $7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99
School (State) $1.89 $1.89 $1.89 X X
Precinct X $0.83 X X $0.83
Precinct Exempt X $0.07 $0.07 X $0.07
Total Tax Burden $16.75 $17.65 $16.82 $14.86 $15.76

The equation for determining the local property tax rate is as follows


Hampton 2019 USPAP Manual - This document contains the data produced by the 2019 Revaluation. As it is a large file, it will take time to load.

The Assessor's office is here to assist the public with inquiries into our public records relating to:

The Hampton Assessing Department is responsible for discovering, identifying, and valuing all real estate within the town boundaries. The Assessor's primary responsibility is to estimate the fair market value of your property at least once within every five-year certification cycle, as well as working to maintain assessment equity between property classes during the interim years so that you and other taxpayers may contribute your fair share of support for the community services you receive. For these services to continue, other agencies, as well as the town, must levy taxes. Here again, state laws define the powers of these taxing agencies and the kinds of properties that are exempt from taxes, such as schools, churches and charitable organizations.

On this website, you can find valuable information, as well as get answers to some frequently asked questions. You can also download application forms relating to our available exemptions and credits.

Tax Rates

The town tax rate is calculated by dividing the appropriations (minus all revenue other than tax dollars) approved by the voters by the total assessed value of all taxable property (less total exemptions) in the Town. 

The taxation process requires the cooperation of several divisions of the Town government. The Assessor estimates the value of your property. The town's people vote to determine the Town budget and school budget, the County budget is set by the County Delegation, and the Hampton Beach Village District budget is set by their voters. 

Once the tax rate has been set, the assessed value of your property is used to determine your portion of the tax levy. Divide your assessed value by 1,000, then multiply by the tax rate to determine your tax bill. The tax rate is expressed in terms of dollars per thousand or mill rate.

Fair Assessment

It's the Assessor's job to discover, list and estimate the value of all properties within the jurisdiction of the Town. To ensure that all properties are treated uniformly, the Assessor's procedures must conform to State laws dealing with property taxation. Furthermore, commonly accepted appraisal and accounting practices must be used to determine:

  • That the level of assessments and uniformity of assessments are within the acceptable ranges as recommended by the Assessing Standards Board.
  • That assessment practices substantially comply with applicable statutes and rules.
  • That the exemption and credit procedures substantially comply with applicable statutes and rules.
  • That assessments are based on reasonably accurate data.
  • That assessments of various types of properties are reasonably proportional to other types of property within the municipality.


In 2019 Hampton completed a revaluation of all properties within the community which resulted in the implementation of updated assessments that reflect a valuation date as of April 1, 2019. The Assessing office has been proactive in visiting and verifying all sales properties, new construction, and building permits which include the process of verifying all existing information including interior and exterior data. This allows the assessing office to ensure that both the physical and factual data is accurate. This will help promote fair and equitable assessments for everyone which is our ultimate goal.

In addition, each year between revaluation cycles, the Assessor's office has to comply with the requirements of RSA 75:8 - Revised Inventory. This requires the assessing office to annually update assessments in accordance with State assessing guidelines, The Selectmen shall adjust assessments to reflect changes so that all assessments are reasonably proportional within the municipality.

Adjustment of an Assessment

Assessors and Selectmen shall consider adjusting assessments for any properties that:

  • They know or believe to have had a material physical change
  • Changed ownership
  • Have undergone zoning changes
  • Have undergone subdivision, boundary line adjustments, or mergers
  • Have undergone other changes affecting the value

Geographic Information System Manager & Vision Online Database

The Assessing website now features access to Hampton's online Geographic Information System (GIS) Manager; this site allows Hampton to share its parcel data with property owners, real estate professionals and other members of the community to query, browse, report and print maps including a full list of overlay maps, abutter lists and property information including a link to Vision's online assessment database all from their own computers.

The Vision online database allows you to view the assessing data of all properties located within the Town. Just a reminder that the online database is updated monthly, so you may want to verify any recent sale or ownership information with the assessing office as our information is the official and the most current data available.