Dog Licenses

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Licensing Requirements

The State of New Hampshire requires that all dogs over three months of age be licensed. You must show proof that your animal has received a rabies vaccination. It must be the statement from the vet not the rabies tag. Because the license period starts May 1st and goes to April 30th of the next year, the rabies vaccination must be valid through April 30th.

All dogs must be licensed by April 30th each year.


Dog TypeCost
Male or Female Dogs$10
Neutered or Spayed Dogs$7.50
Puppies Under 7 Months Old$7.50
1st Dog Belonging to a Senior Citizen (+65)$3

Grace Period

There is a grace period until May 31. After May 31 we are obligated to impose a $25 civil forfeiture sum to those owners who have not registered their dog by that date plus the applicable licensing fee along with a $5 Certified Mail Fee. In addition, a $1 late fee will be added for each month that the dog is not licensed.

You can license your dog by mailing the appropriate fee, proof of rabies vaccination, and a self addressed stamped envelope to the town clerk. Please call to confirm appropriate fee.