In New Hampshire A Vehicle Registration Always Starts In Your Town Clerk's Office.

The Town Clerk’s Office operates according to the state privacy rules.

Registration Services

Renew your Plates online

The following services are available for registration:

  • One-check registration is here!
  • Pay your auto registrations with one check only.
  • Payable to Town of Hampton (no need to write two separate checks any longer!)
  • Now accepting credit cards! (2.75% convenience fee added)


Please bring in your old registration when you come to renew your vehicle. Because of the privacy regulations you must have the registration of all vehicles in order to renew any vehicle belonging to another individual. You will need to show a photo ID for all motor vehicle transactions.

All new residents must bring their old registrations and proof of residency


Transfers are putting plates from your old car onto your new car.

Before you can use the plates you must start the transaction at the Town Clerk’s office. In most cases we can do everything here. Bring the current registration from the car you are taking the plates from, to the Clerk’s office. You will also need to bring in the paperwork for your new car as listed above. We will charge you for the new registration and credit you with the remaining amount you paid on your old car.


The Department of Safety has a website and you can download many forms, or you may pick up a form at our office.

Substations Info

All state motor vehicle sub-stations are open from 8:15 until 4:15 Monday through Friday.

Directions From Epping

  1. Take Route 101 West to exit Number 7.
  2. Take a right on Route 125 and go for about 3 miles.
  3. Follow the Plate signs. Motor vehicle will be on the right.

Directions From Dover Point

  1. Take Route 95 north to exit Number 4 (Spaulding Turnpike)
  2. Take exit 6W (over bridge)
  3. Follow the Plate signs