Certificate of Occupancy

In accordance with the Town of Hampton, Zoning Ordinance and Building Codes, Article 12 Certificate of Occupancy, states:

No home, apartment, tenement, dwelling unit, hotel/motel unit, or other residential premises shall be let, rented, leased or otherwise occupied for residential purposes unless a Certificate of Rental Occupancy per 12.1.1 has been issued by the Hampton Building Department to the owner of record of that property. All residential units without a year-round Certificate of Rental Occupancy may be used on a year-round basis only by the owner of record, meaning to be that person or entity who is the title holder as recorded by the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds.

Rental Certificate of Occupancy

A Rental Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained by contacting the Building Department and requesting a Certificate of Rental Occupancy inspection. The Building Inspector will conduct an inspection of the property, fill out any code violations on the Corrective Action Form and give you a copy. When repairs are made, you must call for a re-inspection. Upon passing the inspection, a Certificate of Rental Occupancy will be issued upon the payment of the appropriate fee. More Information about the Certificate of Rental Occupancy.