Public Access & Conservation Lands


It is hunting season! When using conservation land, please wear blaze orange or other bright colors and avoid wearing dark colors. 

This applies to dogs as well!

The Hampton Conservation Commission prioritizes protecting and preserving the health of the local ecosystems within the town of Hampton.  These ecosystems provide functions such as a wide variety of habitat, ground water protection, storm water management and pollution filtering.  However, equally as important, healthy ecosystems provide recreation and aesthetic enjoyment.  The benefits of enjoying natural spaces are well researched and encouraging.  The Conservation Commission currently owns and maintains parcels of land throughout the town for all of the reasons listed above.  Several of these parcels are suitable for public enjoyment.  Check out the ever growing list below and make your next outdoor adventure a local one!  

If you are interested in helping the Conservation Commission acquire more land to enhance the Town's ability to protect our wetlands and other valuable ecosystem resources, please reach out to Brianna O'Brien, the Conservation Coordinator at 603-929-5808 or via email. 

Trail Camera Photos from Hampton conservation land


Town Forest - Town Owned Land

One of the goals of the Town’s Master Plan is to create a Town Forest in the White’s Lane/Twelve Share area.  “Twelve Share,” is named after the original 12 shares of land granted by the King of England to the first settlers of the area.  The Town of Hampton accumulated several small properties in this area over the years and with the help of the Conservation Commission, it has grown substantially. It is a goal of the Conservation Commission to have a trail that allows residents to walk from Ice Pond to Mill Road.

Hurd Farm - Conservation Easement 2005

The Hurd Farm has frontage on Timber Swamp and Towle Farm Roads in Hampton and Hampton Falls with 135+/- acres of the land in Hampton. It is a mix of farmland, forests, wetlands and more than one mile of river frontage on the Taylor River.  An agricultural conservation agreement on the property guarantees that the most important farm soils will never be developed. A water quality and recreational preservation agreement on the lands along the river protect water resources, and provide for permanent public recreational access.  The land is available to the public for passive recreation, such as hiking, fishing, hunting, birding, snow shoeing, and cross-country skiing.  

Batchelder Farm - Conservation Easement 2012

The historic Batchelder Farm has frontage on Exeter Road and contains approximately 120 acres of scenic farmland, uplands, and wetlands on the west side of Hampton.  The land is available to the public for passive recreation, such as hiking, hunting, birding, snow shoeing, and cross-country skiing.  

Ice Pond - Town Owned Land 

Town of Hampton owns 25.53 contiguous acres around and including the 10-acre Ice Pond.  This area contains wetlands, lightly forested wetlands, and uplands.  During the summer of 2009, Seacoast Youth Services of Seabrook added two handicapped accessible trails. 

Car Barn Pond - Town Owned Land

The Barkley Property - Town Owned Land Protected with a Conservation Easement held by The Southeast Land Trust

In December 2022, the Conservation Commission completed the purchase of the Barkley Property. The Commission is excited to announce that this ecologically rich 22-acre property on North Shore Road is now conserved and available to the public for passive recreation