Past Projects

Scouts Clean Up Town Forest and Ice Pond

The Hampton Conservation Commission would like to recognize and thank Boy Scout Troop 162 (Mr. Richard Tharp – Scout Master, Joey Cummins, Henry Pallatroni, Owen Pallatroni, Ajay Panesar, Liam Perkins, Johnny Simmons, and Christian St. Jean) for their great clean-up efforts these last two Saturdays in the Hampton Town Forest and at the Ice Pond.  This clean-up effort was organized and lead by Boy Scout, Ajay Panesar.  Participating in these activities, related to their outdoor code and “leaving no trace,” will help each Scout towards earning their Camping Merit Badge. 

On October 29, the Boy Scouts walked several trails in the Hampton Town Forest and gathered enough debris and trash to fill ten 32-gallon trash bags and one large barrel.   The Commission is grateful to an unidentified abutter who kindly offered to transport the trash to the Hampton Transfer Station.  Then on November 5, the Scouts continued their efforts by clearing and reestablishing the path that leads from Woodland Road to the seating bench at Ice Pond.  The Scout also pulled and bagged several invasive Japanese Knotweed plants which were growing in the meadow area.  Invasive plant species are harmful because they out-compete and replace native vegetation, reducing the available food and shelter for nearby wildlife. 

Foss Manufacturing donated the landscape fabric placed underneath the path and the Hampton Department of Public works supplied and delivered the wood chips.  The Town Forest and Ice Pond provide great recreation opportunities for resident in Hampton.  If you would like to learn more, please contact the Hampton Conservation Coordinator at 603-929-5808 or

Boy Scout Ice Pond Group
Boy Scout Town Forest Group
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Youth Services - Ice Pond
Youth Services - Ice Pond 2

Seacoast Youth Services volunteers and supportersstand by to cut a ribbon celebrating the opening of a new public access path and cleared grounds at the Ice Pond on Woodland Road in Hampton on Friday.   (John Carden photo) 

Seacoast Youth Services volunteers clear rocks at a new public access point to the Ice Pond on Woodland Road in Hampton on Friday. From left are Alex Reda, 15 of Seabrook, Leah Hurley, 16, of Exeter, Austin Forcier, 14, of Seabrook, and Patrick O'Brien, 15, of Hampton. (John Carden photo)