Plan Review Committee



The Plan Review Committee (PRC) is hereby established to assist the Planning Board in addressing Site Plan/Subdivision applications and plans before said applications are heard by the Planning Board. The PRC reviews proposals for compliance with Town Regulations and advises the applicant on any potential issues that may need to be addressed before proceeding any further with the project before the Planning Board.  The PRC process ensures that Town Departments are aware of new projects and allows Departments the opportunity to voice input on said projects prior to being heard by the Planning Board. 

The PRC shall be composed of the Town Planner (who shall act as Chairman), the Director of Public Works (or representative), the Fire Chief (or representative), the Police Chief (or representative), the Building Inspector, the Conservation Coordinator (or representative) and the Planning Board’s engineer. 

Additional Town Staff and the local utility companies may also participate in the PRC process to provide additional expertise and enhance the review of subject applications.

All site plan and/or subdivision applications, except minor subdivisions (2 lots or less), must first go through the Plan Review process unless waived by the Chairman or by the Planning Board. The Chairman of the PRC is authorized to determine the scope of the review and whether a formal meeting of the PRC is necessary.

An applicant will not be scheduled for a public hearing before the Planning Board until the plan review process has been completed. Eight copies of the complete application form and all associated materials, together with the application and notification fees, must be submitted by Noon on the Submission Date. Single labels (one for each abutter) shall also be provided to the Planning Department so that abutters can be informed of said PRC meeting. Abutters (and anyone from the public) may attend PRC meetings, but may not address the PRC members with any comments, questions or concerns. Comments, questions or concerns may be addressed by the public to the Planning Board at its scheduled meeting(s). 

If the Chairman of the PRC determines, either independently or in consultation with any other PRC member(s), that an application scheduled for a PRC meeting is incomplete and/or insufficient for constructive review/discussion at said meeting, the Chairman may postpone the meeting on the application.  The Planning Department shall inform the applicant (or its representative) not less than five days prior to the scheduled PRC meeting date if said application requires such a postponement.  Complete and/or sufficient materials shall be submitted to the Planning Department by no later than the next re-submittal deadline in order to be scheduled for the next PRC meeting.

When deemed necessary by the PRC Chairman, additional meetings of the PRC may be required to ensure all aspects of a proposed project are properly analyzed and addressed before the application is placed on the Planning Board’s Agenda.

Adopted by the Planning Board – December 21, 2011

Amended by the Planning Board – July 1, 2020