Winter Police Academy Timeline

Hampton Police Hiring & Training Timeline
2021-2022 Winter Academy

The Hampton Police Department hiring process is a demanding program that involves a significant time commitment.  We want you to be aware of the timeline for planning purposes.  We understand that not everyone's schedule will work with our hiring and training programs.  Review the schedule now and decide if it works for you.

Please understand there aren't any makeup days or excused absences.  In order to successfully complete our hiring & training process your work and school schedules need to accommodate our timeline.  Please review the locations where the process and training take place.  Is it practical for you to drive to these locations from your home, work, or school?  Only you can determine if our requirements are feasible in your lifestyle.

This list is intended to provide a relatively accurate planning guide for applicants involved in our hiring process.  The listed dates are subject to change in order to accommodate the mission requirements of the Hampton Police Department. 

  • Written Exam - 
    2 Oct 2021. @4 Hours to complete. HPD

  • Oral Board - 
    4-6 Oct 2021, 0800-1500, @1 Hour Interview. HPD

  • Conditional Offer of Employment - 
    7 Oct 2021, 1700, @1 Hour. HPD

  • Agility Test & Background Interview - 
    11-24 Oct 2021 Background Investigator, @2 Hours. HPD

  • Polygraph Exam - 
    11-24 Oct 2021, Evenings & weekend @3 Hour Interview. HPD

  • Psychological Written Exam - 
    1 Nov 2021, 1800, @3 Hours. HPD

  • Psychological Exam Interview - 
    4-5 Nov 2021, @1 Hour Interview. HPD

  • Physical, Drug & Alcohol Screen - 
    TBA Nov 2021, @1 Hour. Exeter, NH

  • Chief of Police - Final Interview - 
    TBA Dec 2021, @30 Minutes. HPD

  • NH PSTC Part-Time Officer Academy Physical Agility Entrance Exam - 
    TBA Dec 2021, @4 Hours. Concord, NH

  • Training Swear-in, Equipment Issue, and Firearms Class - 
    TBA Dec 2021, @5 hours. HPD

  • NH PSTC 282 Part-Time Officer Academy -
    TBA Dec 2021, Academy - Entrance Fitness Testing
    TBA Jan 2022, Academy Start
    Every Tuesday & Thursday, 6pm-10pm, NH PSTC Concord, NH
    Every Saturday, 9am-5pm, NH PSTC Concord, NH
    TBA May 2022, Academy Graduation

  • Hampton PD - Training Program -
    TBA May 2022, In-house Start
    Tuesdays, Thursdays - 5pm-10pm
    Saturdays, Sundays - 8am-5pm
    TBA June 2022, In-house Graduation

  • Hampton PD - Summer Schedule -
    @24 Jun 2022, Summer Schedule Start
    Expect Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 6pm-2am shift assignments
    6 Sep 2022, Summer Schedule End