Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer (ACO) for Hampton is Tony Palmisano.
The ACO is dispatched from the Hampton Police Department: 603-929-4444

Basic Functions - The ACO handles incidents involving many different animals.   His primary duties focus on domestic animals, better known as Dogs & Cats. 

Impounded Animals - Strays that are picked up by the ACO are brought to the Health & Wellness Animal Hospital located on Route 1 in Hampton Falls (603-926-5500).  You can check with either Hampton PD or Health & Wellness to see if your pet has been picked up by the ACO.  You can also report your pet missing to Police Dispatch.

Animal Control Ordinances - Hampton has ordinances requiring dogs to be leashed and vaccinated against rabies.  There is also a "pooper scooper" law requiring owners to clean up after their dogs.  
Here's a link to the complete Hampton Animal Ordinance.

Animal Control Statutes - New Hampshire also has statutes that govern animals.  
Here's a link to the complete New Hampshire Animal Statutes.

Licensing - Dogs are required to be licensed through the Town annually.  In order to license your dog you must have proof of a rabies vaccination for your pet. Please contact the Hampton Town Clerks Office for details on how to register your pet. 

Rabies Info - Rabies is a hazard in Hampton. Over the past years numerous animals have fallen victim to this disease in Hampton. The ACO, Police Officers, and several pet owners have had to be treated for rabies after being exposed to rabid animals. The treatment involves a series of unpleasant shots to prevent infection.

Common Symptoms - of rabies include Animals acting strangely and frequently unafraid of humans. In particular, it's uncommon for night animals to be out during the day time. They may wander around acting confused or appear to sleep out in the open on porches and breeze ways. If there is any doubt, do not approach them and keep both the family and pets away. Call the Animal Control Officer for assistance.

Wildlife in Hampton - Hampton residents have seen many wildlife creatures moving about the community.  They have ranged from the Skunk to Fox, Coyotes, Deer, Black Bears and even Moose.  There are many fact sheets regarding the wildlife that may live in our community available on the New Hampshire Fish & Game website. 
Here's a link to their site New Hampshire Wildlife Fact Sheets.

The New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - (NHSPCA) has many great animals available for adoption.  Why not take a look at their link to see if they can help you find a good home for a deserving pet.

New Hampshire SPCA