Annual Environmental Stewardship Award



The Hampton Conservation Commission encourages all citizens to be good stewards of our natural environment. The Annual Environmental Stewardship Awards are designed to recognize individual Hampton residents and Town of Hampton business and academic community members for their outstanding practices and accomplishments in environmental stewardship.   These awards are intended to enhance knowledge and awareness of effective conservation and environmental practices that contribute to the preservation and protection of our town and local ecosystem.

There are three award types

  1. Hampton Resident
  2. Hampton Community group (business, organization, non-profit, etc)
  3. Hampton Academic (open to a school, school group, class, or teacher in Hampton)

Award candidates demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship, conservation, and sustainability through creative initiatives completed within the last calendar year in the town of Hampton through work related to one or more of the following areas:  

  • Climate change adaptation, mitigation, or resilience
  • Environmental, sustainability or climate change education 
  • Coastal resilience
  • Innovative conservation techniques and practices
  • Green building
  • Water quality
  • Materials management
  • Environmental justice

Submission and Selection Information 

Applications are always available and can be submitted electronically through the online form, a PDF version can be emailed to Brianna O'Brien, or hardcopies may be submitted to the Conservation Coordinator’s office.

The Conservation Commission along with the Conservation Coordinator review the applications and select the most outstanding applicants to receive the awards.  The winners are notified in May.

Selection Criteria 

In no particular order of priority or importance, the review committee will use the following criteria to select the award winners

  1. Results
  2. Innovation
  3. Leadership & Commitment 
  4. Environmental Impact
  5. Transferability 

The three award recipients will receive their award from Conservation Commission and the Board of Selectman in a live ceremony. In addition, the recipient will have their name, business, organization, or school listed with the accomplishment on the Town’s website and in the Winter edition of the Hampton Conservation Newsletter.

All Hampton citizens and groups are eligible for this award except town employees and Hampton Conservation Commission members and alternates.