FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

Why Online Registration?

*Our RecDesk site allows you to view all current program offerings & easily register with just a few clicks!

Our online registration also makes payment and filling out required waivers a breeze.

How Do I Register??

*First, click on the Red button to head to our RecDesk site. Create an account or sign-in, then click on the "Programs" tab. Find a program you like, click the "Register Now" button, complete checkout and then get out and enjoy!

Where do I find information on local sports leagues/camps like Warrior Football, HYA Soccer, or T-Ball??

*The Town of Hampton is lucky enough to have a full network of dedicated volunteers who make our youth sports possible! Our youth sports leagues are handled primarily by HYA (Hampton Youth Association), which organizes everything from sign-ups to scheduling. You can find a link to their website under the "Private Sports Organization" tab below. 

I got a parking ticket while at the beach, where I do go to appeal/or pay it??

*The Hampton Recreation Department does not manage any of the town/state lots located at Hampton Beach. We will not be able to assist in any appeals or payments of parking tickets. Please refer to your ticket to see if there is a contact number to reach out. 

For Town of Hampton tickets, please contact the Hampton Police Department at 603-929-4444

For State of NH tickets, please contact the State of NH Parks and Recreation Division at 603-271-3556