Coastal Resilience

How Can I Track Flooding On My Property?

Photo Documentation Monitoring: Having an organized system for tracking pre and post-flooding conditions of your home and property will add a documented record of changes that you observe. See the following links for more information.

  1. Documentation of your building and belongings
  2. Landscape Monitoring

Coastal Landowner Technical Assistance Program

Action Items for Residents

Flood Insurance: Purchasing flood insurance for your property will allow you to be eligible for various avenues of FEMA assistance. For more information, please reach out to the Coastal Resilience Coordinator.

Is my property in a designated FEMA flood zone? FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer  

Are there maps that show projections of sea-level rise, storm surge, and groundwater rise? NH Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program Mapper  

What’s the tide like today? National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service