Housing Opportunity Planning (HOP) Project

The Town of Hampton Planning Board, with assistance from the Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC), is taking steps to meet Hampton's housing goals by gathering data, seeking input, and identifying opportunities for change.

The HOP project currently consists of the following two phases:

Phase 1: Needs Analysis & Planning -  Develop a supplemental housing and demographics document which may be incorporated into the recently updated Town of Hampton Master Plan.

Phase 2: Regulatory Audit - Conduct an audit of existing regulations to evaluate possible zoning regulation modifications to increase housing opportunities, including the pros and cons, level of effort required, identifying support for such changes in the Town's Master Plan, and the anticipated level of impact of the regulation change.

Following the completion of the above project phases, the Planning Board anticipates pursuing regulatory changes and/or incentives to increase housing opportunities in appropriate areas.

2023 Hampton Housing Data Report

The 2023 Hampton Housing Data Report includes an overview of local and regional housing data trends and provides an overview of potential options for addressing housing challenges.

View the report.

For additional information about the project, please contact the Hampton Planning Office at (603) 929-5913.