What is the Town of Hampton tax year? vs. Fiscal year?

Under State Statute, all real estate is assessed at how the property stood on April 1st. The Town of Hampton operates on a fiscal year from January 1st to December 31st. However, the tax year is from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. 

The budget that is raised at Town Meeting in March, is to run the town for the year that has already started on January one. The tax rate is set in October to raise the money for that current year.

The Town is on semi-annual tax billing. This means in May you are billed for an estimated half (1/2% or .5) of your bill for the year using current assessment times (multiplied by) half (1/2% or .5) of last year’s rate. This would be your first tax bill for the year, typically due July 1st. The actual tax rate isn’t set until October, at that time the full year tax is figured; the estimated first half bill is subtracted, leaving the balance due typically on December 1st.

Missing Tax Bills & Delinquent Taxes

A taxpayer who does not receive a tax bill should inquire at the Tax Collectors Office.  Arrangements regarding delinquent taxes or partial payments should also be discussed with the Office of the Tax Collector in person or by calling 603-926-6769. Click here for the Tax Collectors website. Town of Hampton - Tax Collector

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